Questions To Ask Yourself On Your Way To Better Natural Wellbeing


In my last post I told you about my recipe for Natural Wellbeing. The one that I found through my Wellbeing Challenge.

It was a process of asking questions from myself and finding the answers with the help of my different wellbeing ways. I didn´t plan to find a recipe for natural wellbeing, but unconsciously, I think that was what I was looking for. And I´m so happy about it because it helped me to find my way to better wellbeing!

After realizing how it worked for me I started to think that it could work for others too. That´s why I decided to open up the process a little bit, hoping that it would help you to find your own answers and ways to better wellbeing too! So here it comes…

Search your own answers

QUESTION 1: How can I be well and pursue a balanced and happy life as a working mother?

When I was jogging in naturecooking at home without hurry, snuggling up with my daughter in bed, spending relaxed time with my familytaking care of our vegetable garden, having healthy foodsitting in a sauna and spending balanced everyday life filled with good routines I found that…

The most important thing for my wellbeing is the quality of my everyday life.


QUESTION 2: What does the quality of everyday life mean to me?

When I participated my husband´s fishing hobbymet my friends, spend time with my little sister, spend a pyjama day with my familybaked homemade bread with our girls, worked for our family´s food, had time to do things that I enjoy and promoted things that go together with my values I found that…

Most of all the quality of everyday life means time and energy for things and people that are meaningful and dear to me. The ability to concentrate on them brings me wellbeing and happiness the most.


QUESTION 3: How can I find the things that mean the most to me?

When I lived boat life in Puruvesi lake, spent time in nature, stopped to admire the beauty of my home region, lived a simple life on an island, took a walk in the countryside nearby my childhood home, felt the purifying wind on my skin and went to the water I found that the most meaningful things to me are…

Finding the connection to myself and spending time in a place where I´m as free as possible from all the expectations and cultural pressures that prevent me from hearing and recognizing my voice.


QUESTION 4: What is the best place for me to hear my own voice?

When I  visited a beautiful forest,  picked up wild blueberriespicked up mushroomstook a small walk outdoor alone, watched the clouds floating slowly by, went canoeing, excercised in a jogging track, did fishing with my family I found that it is…


Find ways to be in nature that feel good for you. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing by being in nature. Let nature´s beauty and silence help you to find the connection to yourself.


QUESTION 5: What I need to do then when I´ve found the connection to myself?

When I learnt to understand the effects of my nation´s history on megot to know the roots of my childhood,  thought about my life situation,  thought about my motherhood,  learned to express my emotions betterdid my ashtanga yoga practice, thought about different sides in me and made one of my dreams come true I found that after finding the connection to yourself it´s important to…


Learn to recognize the messages that your body and mind are trying to say to you. They will tell you what you should do to feel better and achieve a better quality of everyday life. Learn to know yourself thoroughly; your roots, history, personality, likes and dislikes, dreams. Find the answer to the question Who am I?


QUESTION 6: What then, when I know what I should do? When I know what the quality of life is to me and what things are the most meaningful to me and my wellbeing?

When I started to put plans into action, omitted needless things in my life, learned to prioritizedid things that we had found to be best for our family, learned to recognize the meaningful things in my life, cherished traditions that are meaningful to me,  thought about different elements of wellbeing, started to act for deep state of wellbeing and took responsibility of my life and had courage to grow I found that after that the crucial thing is to…


If you just think and plan and don´t act, nothing changes in your life and your wellbeing and quality of everyday life doesn´t get any better. You need to start to eliminate the things that waste your time and energy and are meaningless to you. And you need to start to do more things that bring you wellbeing and spend more time with people that make you happy. You need to start your journey towards more balanced, relaxed and sustainable way of life!


QUESTION 7: What´s the most important thing? If I should pick one of these three? Which one would it be?

When I had time just to belived and enjoyed simplier life, acknowledged the time, was present and totally enjoyed of a beautiful moment in my lifehad quality time with my family by the lake,  had a possibility to seize the moment, had time to find the real reasons behind my anxiety and worked to get rid of them and had time and energy to get to know myself and grew to accept myself I found that the most important thing is…

Simplifying your life! Because if your life is too full, you don´t have time to be in nature or learn to know yourself. You´re too busy to hear all the messages that your body and mind are sendin. And you don’t have time  to do anything about them. And you´re too stressed to learn to be more mindful and present in your life.

That´s why I think simplifying your life is the most important thing that you can do for your wellbeing!

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