Hold On To Your Good Routines


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 238th Way

Now that my husband has started to work again our everyday life changed. Daily routines came back to my life. I go out with the girls during the morning, have lunch with them, put them to bed for a little nap, work a bit, play with the girls for a while and then start our evening activities when my husband comes home from work. That pattern keeps repeating itself basically every day. Is it boring? Maybe for someone but I see many positive aspects about daily routines.

Some routines just make your life easier. When you have regular rhythm there’s a big chance that your body and mind work better. For example eating regularly helps your stomach to digest your food better. Going to bed at about same time every night helps you to fall asleep faster. I’ve noticed that our daily rhythm, our daily routines, make my life so much easier! The girls are happy, they take their nap and play together so much better when they can anticipate what’s coming. It gives them a sense of security and that’s how I save my energy too.

Human being is a creature of a habit. That is something we also have to remember. If your routines start to limit your life or control it too much we should change them. We have to identify what routines are good for us and what routines just do harm. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth thinking about. That help us to keep up the balance in our life.





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