Happiness is a good cafè latte


I appreciate good coffee. I drink coffee less and less but the coffee I drink I want to be good.


Once a week me and Unna go to some cafè in our home town


This time my little sister Marianne joined us

TOP 3: Good coffee, daily paper and cozy atmosphere

Three things are important to me when I choose the cafè I`ll go to. Good coffee is one thing and quality  is another.

One important thing is the chance to read a daily paper. We are not ordering any newspapers but I always read one if I can.

Also atmosphere is essential. I like cozy cafès. Our home is colourful and so is Cafè Alegria – my favourite cafè. That`s why I feel like at home there.


Fresh flowers are the best…


…and fresh juice


I have started to like tea more and more

Fresh, local and organic

Very often good Cafe Latte is enough for me. But if I take also something to eat, it`s something fresh. Salty pies are my weakness; vegetable pies and karelian pies. Or different kinds of bread rolls with butter. Handmade is the best also with food. My opinion is that factory made can never beat handmade in quality and taste.

I prefer local and organic as much as I can. My home town is small but I´m really really happy that nowadays it’s rather easy to choose local and organic. That makes me happy!


Fresh buns…yammy yammy!


Hot chocolate is Unna`s favourite


Gafè Alegria has given me home decoration ideas


Flower power


Cafe Alegria is located in Puistokatu 3, Savonlinna

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