Happy fishing widows


Yesterday I was writing about support; I want to support my husband`s fishing hobby despite of that I don`t do that. That is true. But also another thing is true. With Netta we invented the word “fishing widow”. That`s who we are – women whose spouses do fishing a lot. You can almost say that it`s not their hobby, it`s their lifestyle.

Take time for yourself and your friends

With Netta we decided not just to be at home and do housework while our spouses are doing fishing. Instead of being cranky fishing widows, we decided to be happy fishing widows. Our spouses` fishing trips are time for ourselves and time for the girls` things and interests.

Me and Netta

Last time when our fishermen were in their friends bachelor party, me and Netta went together to artist Johanna Oras 20th anniversary party

We are many but one thing is the same

For me and Netta it`s fishing. But what I`ve heard and read, for someone it`s icehockey, football, Internet games etc. Our men’s hobbies are different but one thing is the same – the hobby takes a lot of spouses`time.

Hobbies are a good thing for everyone. Sometimes when Henri is doing fishing, I take Unna to my mom or my sister and I do something alone. Very often it`s yoga. Or I meet my mother girlfriends so that we can talk while children are playing. Or I do something with Unna. I do something that I enjoy, something that men aren`t welcome to take part anyway.


Blogging is another thing which combines me and Netta

Netta is also a blogger. Her lovely interior blog is called September 6th. Netta writes in Finnish but her blog is full of beautiful pictures which don`t need words. Pictures about another woman`s life in Finland. I recommend!

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