What Is Your Wellbeing Indicator?


Do you have an indicator that tells you when your life is not in balance?


I know, it may be seldom when we can say that our life really is in perfect balance. But I mean something that sets alarm bells ringing in your head? Something that tells you that changes need to be done? 


I didn’t used to have, but nowadays I do. For me, the indicator is the feeling when I grab my camera: Does it feel light or heavy? Do I have the energy to “seize the moment” when I notice a good moment to take a photo? Or not?


A while ago, alarm bells started ringing in my head. That was when I had worked too many weeks in a row with a minimum amount of rest.


When I noticed that my camera had started to feel heavier and heavier, I made a plan to correct the situation. I rescheduled my work and started to pay close attention to my basic needs: sleep, rest and diet. After a few weeks, I felt better again.


Wellbeing is a broad concept. It’s so broad and abstract that it may be hard to grasp. That’s why all the ways to make it more concrete are good. Creating yourself a wellbeing indicator can be helpful.

With the help of your wellbeing indicator, you can see pretty quickly and easily, whether everything is fine in your life or not.


Besides my camera, I have also other wellbeing indicators. One is my mood in the morning: whether my first thoughts in the morning are positive or negative. Another one is whether I have energy to putter at home after work or do I just want to lay on the couch the whole evening (because I’m just too tired to do anything else).


If you find it hard to think what could be a good wellbeing indicator for you, try to think what brings you joy and happiness the most.

After finding your wellbeing indicator, start using it by noticing it and paying attention to it in your everyday life

This may help you see the warning signs earlier than before when your life is going to a wrong direction or when some negative changes have occurred in the state of your wellbeing. For me, it has surely worked.


After making some counterbalancing acts this weekend, my wellbeing indicators finally showed positive: I woke up in a good mood and puttered outdoors the whole day making winter preparations. I felt inspired to take some photos along the day, too.

By the afternoon coffee, I made a promise to myself to be more sensitive to my wellbeing indicators in the future. After all, they not only boost your own feelings of joy and happiness, but they also boost other people’s wellbeing around you, too.


Watch the following 360 video to see what else we experienced this weekend after our winter preparations were ready. Looking forward to not only taking more photos with my old camera but with the 360 camera, too!

You can watch this 360° video on mobile by opening this link https://youtu.be/RwSlsmtI8SA in your Youtube App or use Chrome/Mozilla on the desktop. Remember to set the video on HD.

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