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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 235th Way

We tend to pick the most risk free choices in life and while doing so think that it is the smartest thing to do. Sometimes it is the right thing to do but sometimes it just limits us and leads to boring choices. Sometimes we need to shake our habits a bit and use our imagination. We need to take a risk and let our mind wander. Why? Well, imagination plays a big part in creativity. And all big things in life use creativity as a fuel. There’s a creativity behind every ground braking theory, famous art work, mind boggling projects and innovative technology. So why shouldn’t it be a part of our everyday life too? Why shouldn’t it serve small things also?

This day it was so much fun to plan our daughters’ room. There are so many ways to decorate. What colors to use, what about shelves or a lamp, how about toy boxes, etc. It has always been a great fun to me to decorate and use my imagination. The outcome may not always be perfect but who cares! As long as it’s fun! 🙂


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