365 Ways to Wellbeing

Wellbeing Challenge Year

Here you’ll find all of my 365 Ways to Wellbeing published at saimaalife.com in 2013!


What I did during 365 days?

During a year I advanced my wellbeing in one way every day. I learned to look after my wellbeing so that I could find practical ways to take care of it as a working woman, mother and wife in the future.


Why I wanted to challenge myself?

The answer is simple; year 2013 was a challenging year in my life. In 2013 I…

…was a mother two for the first time.
…had a constant sleep debt.
… had extra weight after pregnancy (that I wanted to get rid of).
…had minimum amount of time for myself and to exercise.
…had minimum amount of time for my spouse and our relationship.
…needed to finish my studies and I wanted to work for my dream job (=this blog).
…had to earn some money for our family.

Despite of my challenging life situation I still wanted to be well and pursue a balanced life.

That`s why 365 Ways to Wellbeing!


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Because that´s what I found during my wellbeing challenge year!