I don`t do fishing. Or I do in some circumstances; like on a beautiful and calm summer evening I like to do angling, or jigging with Henri for a while. But that`s about it.

I think fishing is a great hobby but for me it`s so far in my priority list that very seldom I have possibility to do things that are in that level. But I like that Henri is fishing. He`s good in fishing. He`s also becoming better because he`s eager to learn all the time.

Fishing lady

This is NOT a typical picture about me

Support each other evenhandedly

I´m proud of my husband`s fishing skills. Earlier in our relationship we had tight conversations, even fights, about fishing; how much Henri could spend time to his fishing trips, how often I should go fishing with him etc. Finally we found the balance where both were happy; Henri can do fishing if I can also arrange time for my yoga. And I`m not forced to go fishing with Henri but I can when I want.

Genuine supporting is important. That`s what I and we have learned. Not only in hobbies but also in a relationship. I support Henri`s fishing hobby. I like to do that because I know that fishing makes him happy. And Henri supports my yoga hobby. That’s the way it goes!

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