Do Today, Not Tomorrow


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 247th Way

Many times we move things to another day. It often feels that today is just too busy and tomorrow is surely better. This is of course not the case as we have seen. After a few weeks we are left with a bunch of undone things and our schedule is even tighter because there’s now more to be done.

This day I was just a little busy when Unna suggested that we should buy some ice-cream and go to the nearby pier to eat it. It has been the thing for us during this summer and Unna has been talking about that every now and then. I was almost saying “No” when I realized that I’m actually not that busy. At least not that busy that I couldn’t have icecream with my daughter on a sunny day on the lake side. It was way more important than my seemingly important errands.

So this day it made me happy to notice my lack of business. And doing the right thing!



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