Vitality and encouragement from colors


Last spring I had a plan to decorate our boat a little bit. I was looking for a suitable fabric and found Marimekko`s beautiful and fresh Voikukka fabric (voikukka=dandelion). Eventually, I decided to put my boat decoration project on hold. However, also my mom liked Voikukka and she decided – with the help of my encouraging assistance – to decorate their home with it for their summer party.

As I`ve said, I like colours. The more colours I`ve started to use, the better I`ve felt. I like how I can create different atmospheres to different rooms with colours. When it comes down to clothes I like the effect that colours have on me.





Use colours that feel “you” to get energy and encouragement to be yourself more

Marimekko is one of the most colourful design brands in the world. The more I´ve started to use colours, the more I`ve started to like Marimekko. After finding their Voikukka fabric I got more interested about Marimekko`s products and their philosophy. I found the following video:

I smiled when I heard that Marimekko`s customers are “the kind of people who refuse to be bored and who like to surround themselves with an atmosphere of vitality”. I smiled because I realized that those are the reasons why I started to use more colours. Like Marimekko believes, I`ve noticed the following to be true:

When you feel blue or it`s dark and cold outside, you can get energy  from colours. So use colours daringly and play with them to increase the vitality in your life. 

Colours help you to be more yourself and let your personality to come out. Try different colours on you and find the colours that feel comfortable on you. When the colours on you reflect your personality and mood of the day, it is easier to be yourself. And being yourself makes you also feel better.




Remember colours when the evenings are getting darker during the autumn!

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