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The first Saimaalife guided nature relaxation video is ready now. Exciting!

I’ve planned to start making this kind of videos so that I could help you to feel better. I want to bring the peace of nature that I’m able to enjoy daily, to you. I also want to pass on the knowledge that I’ve got and skills that my life’s challenges, like my burnout and my depression, have taught me.

The video is in the end of this post but before that, I want to tell (and ask) you something.

Saimaalife starts co-operation with the Finnish ecopsychologist

“How can you be so calm and peaceful? Could you teach me how to do it too?” Those are questions that are asked of me more and more. Especially after my Just Be For A Minute post.

I want to answer those questions but I’ve noticed that to be able to do it well I need more information. That’s why I became so happy when Kirsi Salonen answered yes to my co-operation request.

Kirsi Salonen is psychotherapist, environmental and ecopsychologist, educator and NLP-practitioner who is making a doctoral thesis about nature as mental experience; how nature experiences can be therapeutic and revitalize you.

My strength is to bring things into practice, Kirsi’s strength is the theory. Together our goal is to combine theory and practice so that you could learn to take better care of your mental health and wellbeing by yourself and with the help of nature. smoke-sauna-and-peaceful-lake-view

E-course coming up in autumn 2016!

I and Kirsi have decided to make an e-course that gives you practical skills how to learn to manage stress better and relax more in your everyday life.

Actually, we are going to make two courses. The first, the basic course will come out next autumn and the second, the advanced course will come out later on.

Stress management and ability to relax totally is not only important for the quality of your everyday life but also for preventing for example anxiety and depressive symptoms from occurring.

Welcome to our course!

I want to develop products that meet your needs

I want my guided relaxation videos to be helpful for you. And I and Kirsi want our e-courses meet your needs.

The video below is a test product. The content of our e-courses is not fixed either. I want to take your opinion account when developing these products.

I’d love to hear what you wish for these products so that they can be more helpful and enjoyable for you.

Join my Development & Testing Team to make Saimaalife products better for you

I’ve established Saimaalife Development & Testing team. You are more than welcome to join my team if you find these product ideas interesting for you.

You can leave a comment here or sent me email ([email protected]) and I’ll add you to my list.


The first test product “How To Make A Mental Shift From Work To Rest”

But now, finally, it’s time to watch the video.

Before you start this exercise, please do the following:

  • Find a peaceful place to sit.
  • Place the screen so that your hands are free.
  • Use headphones if possible (not necessary but improves the quality of the exercise).

I’d love to hear your comment about this exercise. How did it make you feel? How could it have been better? Tell me your opinion and if you want, join my team.

Now it’s your chance to have an influence on the content of upcoming Saimaalife products!

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