Grow Food Indoors
(And You Notice That It Is Not Just Food You Are Getting)


This winter I’ve thought a lot how I could help people, who don’t live close to nature, to have a possibility to enjoy more of all the good things it can offer to our health and happiness.

The answer has been clear; I want to show ways how you can bring a piece of nature into your everyday life even though you wouldn’t have a green backyard or a possibility to enjoy peace of it after a stressful workday.


As long as I remember one sign of spring for me have been pea shoots (or sprouts) that my mother has grown on her windowsill. I’ve found myself admiring them and thinking about doing the same.

Pea shoots are delicious and nutrient-rich. That’s one reason to grow them. Another is that they are so very  beautiful, like flowers.

(For me, the third reason is also that during the past couple of years it’s been our children who have eaten almost all the pea shoots that my mother has grown.)

family-planting-pea-shoot-seeds-in-the-kitchenSo this spring I decided to start this new tradition in our family. And of course tell you the “recipe” too.



  • Dried pies
  • Pot
  • Soil
  • Saran wrap
  • Water

soaking-peas-on-windowsillSTEP 1. Soak the pea shoot seeds overnight.

A handful is enough for a small pot.

We soaked way too much but that often happens when you do this for the first time. I didn’t remember that pea shoots nearly double in size when you soak them.

children-plant-pea-seedsSTEP 2. Put soil into a pot.

Pea shoots have quite deep roots so put plenty of soil.

STEP 3. Drain the water from the seeds and scatter them on top of the soil.

Notice that you don’t need to put soil anymore on top of the seeds. Some advice to put only one layer of seeds. We put more and they grew well. So no need to stress about the amount of seeds.

planting-pea-seedsSTEP 4. Water and cover the seeds and soil and make few holes to Saran wrap.

how-to-grow-pea-sprouts-indoorsSTEP 5. Place your pot in a dark and warm place.

Every day, spray some water on top of the seeds to maintain the humidity.


STEP 6. Move the pea shoots into light after 2-3 days, after they are germinated.

A windowsill is just a perfect place!

water-pea-shoots-every-daySTEP 7. Water the pea shoots every day to help them grow.

STEP 8. Harvest and enjoy after a week or so.

You can eat already tiny pea shoots but after 7-10 days you have much more green to eat and enjoy!self-grown-pea-sprouts-on-sandwich

You can eat pea shoots as you like. I eat them as such or on top of sandwiches.

Self-grown food is the highest form of quality of life. Click To Tweet

There are plenty of ways to grow some food indoors. Here’s a great article if you want to get some more information and inspiration: “How To Grow Your Own Food In Small Spaces” written by Dr. Mercola.

recipe-how-to-grow-pea-shoots-at-home-in-a-weekTo be able to get some self-grown food is great, but there’s more than that. It’s the whole process that is meaningful; making something with your own hands and following the growth day by day.

It’s the feeling when you come home tired and you see the green pot on your kitchen table. You take a bite, look outside the window and feel how your stress melts away.

That feeling is the reason why I find myself working on the vegetable garden every summer. But you don’t need necessarily backyard or garden to have that feeling. You can have it with less too. Like growing pea shoots on your windowsill.

Like growing pea shoots on your windowsill.

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