Let Nature Heal You


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 246th Way

“Humming of the forest, rippling waves or fishing on a quiet lake can bring security and peace for children and adults as well.

Nature becomes a safe haven, a place to hide from outside world, a place where you can relax or weep away your sorrows. 

A person who finds nature during  their childhood, often turns to nature as an adult who wants to relax and contemplate things.

This day I read that text from one book. It increased my understanding about myself. I understood that the roots of my wellbeing are truly in nature. They have always been and will be there.

During this summer I´ve wanted to be in nature more than ever because I`ve felt so good there. I´ve become even more convinced about the healing powers of nature.

So go to nature. Stop. Open your senses. See. Feel. Smell. Touch. Taste. Do not think. Just be there.

Nature will give you energy. It will heal you. You just have to allow it to do its magic!


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