On The Way To Simple Living: Find A Relaxed Attitude Towards Multitasking


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Before: How I used to live?

  • I used to become easily stressed when I tried to do many things simultaneously. I  also felt that I didn’t get things done well enough when multitasking.
  • I used to multitask a lot even though it wasn’t necessary for me to do so.



Changes: What changes I´ve made to my life since I started to pay more attention to my wellbeing and simplify my life?

  • I´ve learned what things can be combined easily and what not. For example excercise + playground + grocery trip with children works for me. I´m also good in combining tasks in the kitchen and doing dozens of small housework projects at the same time. I don´t even try to combine things that need my full attention.
  • I´ve learned to set the bar lowerA JOB COMPLETED, IS A JOB DONE! Many of us working moms would feel much better if we really understood  that. We often try to do everything as well as we did before having children and become stressed when we notice that we’re not able to do so. Finding the level of “good enough” and sticking to it is so important for working mom’s wellbeing!
  • I´ve learned to take things with humor. Working mom´s life seldom goes as planned. A great way to avoid irritation and stress when something unexpected occurs (and usually it does) is humor. Humor goes also hand in hand with the relaxed attitude.
  • I´ve practised multitasking. A lot! I´ve developed my skills with persistence and continuous work. I have taken some steps back but still concentrated on going forward and keep on practising.
  • I´ve learned to eliminate meaningless things from my life. I´ve noticed that the less pieces I have in my life puzzle, the less I need to multitask.
  •  I´ve also learned that multitasking is just a habit for many people. Or a way to show of others that you’re efficient. It was that to me too before I started to ask myself “Do I really need to multitask now or could I just do one thing at a time?”.
  • I´ve learned to live in the moment and be happy about each event of life. Every working mom should know that “A WORKING MOM´S JOB IS NEVER DONE“. That´s why it´s so important to learn to let go of the idea of getting everything done at once. Set realistic goals and close your eyes from undone jobs (because there´s always something undone). And concentrate on enjoying the sunbeams of your life!



After: What kind of positive effects I´ve noticed now that I´ve been able to get closer to Living Simply.

  • I´m more energetic, patient and positive: The simpler lifestyle you have, the more time and energy you have to concentrate on what you´re doing. And easier it is to  just do one thing at a time and without hurry. It´s´also easier for you to be patient and positive when you DO NEED to multitask. 
  • My planning and organising skills have improved: It would be great if we didn´t need to multitask ever. However, that´s not realistic. Especially for working moms who need to get a lot of things done fast. Every day. That´s why it´s good to take the best out of your life and learn to see the good in it. Practicing multitasking improves your skills to plan and organize. It also teaches to separate relevant things from irrelevant. Both skills that are useful for our wellbeing at home and at work.
  • I´m more satisfied with myself: The more you learn to multitask in a relaxed way, the more often you can say to yourself “Hey, I´m good at what I´m doing!“. Therefore you’re also more content with yourself and enjoy your life more.
  • My quality of life has improved: If you multitask too much, you become stressed. If you try to avoid multitasking totally, you won´t get things done in time. The key is the balance. Both in multitasking and in life in general. When you find more quality to your everyday multitasking, you find more quality to your everyday life! 


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