Concentrate On Going Forward And Keep On Trying!


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One thing has bothered me already a while. It’s about my posts. I don´t want to give the impression that I know everything about the things that I´m writing about. It feels quite strange to give advices when I feel that I’m also just learning and developing myself in things that I’m writing about.

This day this thought bothered me again. I thought about it and remembered the old saying – One step forward two steps back. That´s how life is, isn’t it? You try to develop yourself and learn new things and manage to take a step forward. Then life goes on and you´re realize at some point that you´ve actually taken a step back or maybe even two.  You feel depressed and think is all the work even worth it. Why not just give up because achieving development and growth is so hard?

That’s how also my life goes on. I write a post when I´m feeling that I´ve managed to take a step forward in some particular are of my life. Then later on I notice that I´ve actually taken a step back and feel that I shouldn´t have written my post at all. I feel that I´ve given a better impression about myself than I actually am.

Developing your wellbeing and yourself is slow and needs persistent and continuous work. Along the way you take steps forward but also steps back. Important thing is not to get stuck the steps back!

Concentrate on steps forward and keep on trying! Setbacks are only speed bumps, not permanent obstacles. In the long run that attitude helps you to take more steps forward than back. Then you can feel better and say to yourself I did it!!  

If I think about only one day or one week of this year, I feel that I haven´t developed at all. But when I think about the whole year, I realize that I´ve developed quite a bit. A LOT of positive development has happened in me!! I also realize that all the little steps that I´ve taken forward during this year are as true as the steps back. It has just been my decision to concentrate more on steps forward because they give more positive energy to keep on trying! Oh, it has been so good decision for my wellbeing 🙂


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