Set The Bar Lower


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 181st Way

This year has been quite a ride. There has been both positive and negative aspects but nevertheless a lot has been going on. It’s the same with next autumn. My husband is having a more challenging job, Unna is going to daycare and I will try to put even more energy to my work. Now we’re having a four week vacation. It’s a change to rest and recharge. We want to make the best out of it, spend precious time as a family and as couple. In short, take care of our wellbeing. That means setting the bar a little bit lower now. So during the next month you might see some shorter posts, maybe some with just pictures.  Don’t worry though, I will keep on posting my wellbeing ways to you everyday 🙂

Making the decision to set the bar lower. That was a right thing to do this day.


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