Treasure Worth Seeking



A moment when there is no stimulation for your senses.  When nothing moves at your sight. A moment of stillness and quietness.

A moment when all your senses can rest for a while. I think that everyone one of us should have a chance to enjoy that kind of a moment every day.

That would be a simple way to feel better. To feel less stressed. And to live more mindfully.


After moving to countryside I´ve personally experienced what daily dose of peace and silence can do for you.

Your blood pressure is naturally lower when there is less hustle and bustle around you. 


The less there are things that distract your senses, the better chances you have to concentrate on what you´re doing right now. And to save energy for relevant things.

Simplicity is good for us in so many ways. That´s what I thought today when I watched the peaceful and silent lake scenery for a moment while working on this post.


Moment of simplicity is treasure worth seeking.

Every single day. 

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