Do you want to generate a life change? Improve your emotional processing skills


“I honestly used to think that for an ordinary person like me, that kind of deep peace of mind and relaxation would not be possible to achieve.” That quote is from my life story that I share in the beginning of SaimaaLife online course “4 Steps to Set Yourself Free from Negative Emotions”The course is about learning and improving emotional processing skills that can have a profound effect in our wellbeing.

The other day I was thinking about the reasons why I wanted to create this course. Many reasons came to my mind but one was above others: My goal is that more people could experience that amazing feeling – the feeling like a heavy burden is lifted away from your shoulders and you can just rest in the moment feeling light and good inside. After everything I have gone through during the past eight years, I now have a road map and tools to reach that feeling, that state of mind, and experience it all over again. More than anything I want my readers to benefit from these tools as well!


Emotional processing – a skill worth developing

The topic of the online course – emotional processing – is big and challenging. I have to admit that I thought twice about whether to take this challenge or not. But my answer was clear when I realized that one of the biggest – maybe even the biggest – obstacle on my way to better health and happier life had been the lack of emotional processing skills.

Here are the TOP 3 benefits that enhanced emotional processing skills have brought into my life:

  1. More courage to live and be open to all and everyone: It makes a huge difference to your life when you don’t need to be afraid or run away from negative emotions anymore. No matter what the life will bring, you know that you have skills to handle the emotions you encounter.
  2. Better stress tolerance and resilience against life’s challenges: Things that used to cause you a lot of anxiousness, just don’t cause it anymore. You are able to feel relax even in the middle of hectic everyday life.
  3. Better physical & mental health: When you feel more relaxed, both your body and mind function better. It shown positively in your metabolism, digestion, immunity, mood and overall attitude toward life. It’s simply easier to smile and find good things in life. And all this makes you look more beautiful, naturally!

In fact, if I hadn’t learned to process and let go negative emotions and old thought patterns, my life would look a lot different: I would not have my own start-up, I would live in an unhappy marriage (or I would be divorced), and I would eat a lot more not-so-healthy food. I used to waste a lot of precious time and not enjoy my life fully because I was held back by difficult emotions. It releases so much time and energy for my family, work and myself when I don’t need to do that anymore!


So what do you get when you join the online course? First of all, you will improve your self-awareness and learn to use your mind, body and surroundings more actively for emotional processing and your wellbeing. 

“Studies show that exposure to natural environments reduces negative emotions—including anger, anxiety, and sadness. Even just viewing images of nature or looking at natural environments from a window can reduce stress, enhance recovery from illness, and improve mood.” (Professor V. Swami, Anglia Ruskin University, UK)

Second, the course includes lessons from psychologist Kirsi Salonen in addition to my personal story and experiences. With Kirsi’s guidance, you will learn to use nature and natural elements as a resource for your wellbeing and find out how to utilize them in emotional processing as well.

Finally, after taking the online course, you will be able to implement the four steps introduced during the course in all life situations and apply them to the emotions you encounter.

Get ready to raise your emotional processing skills to a totally new level!

It is truly worth it. Why? Because the benefits are shown in all life areas – at home, work and in your personal health & happiness.


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