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How apple sauce and self-esteem are linked to each other?

Well, let me tell you.

Sometimes life puts you on your knees. I mean BIG, and for a long time. For years. 

Your self-esteem is not fixed and it can vary with different life areas. Based on your personality and raising you -like all of us- have some kind of a “base” self-esteem. Some people have stronger and some weaker.

Self-esteem is also something that can change over time. You can change it by working on it. 

I’ve talked how important it is to have a feeling that “I CAN DO THIS!” and told you how catching that feeling has helped me to overcome my life’s challenges.

Well, during the past six months the feeling has been pretty much lost.

Life can put you on your knees either in private or working life. For me, during the past five years, it has happened in both.

When I’ve worked on improving my self-knowledge I’ve become painfully aware of my low self-esteem. It’s natural that long-term setbacks in life can lower your self-esteem, but it’s also a dangerous place to be when you -because of them- start losing faith in yourself. More and more often you notice that you don’t even try anymore because you feel that you’re going fail anyway. Or in the worst case, you feel that you are not worthy of anything.

It’s hard to get grip on things when they are big and abstract. 

Self-esteem = Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Yes, it’s very clear definition and we all realize that it’s a damn important thing in life.  

But so what? What to do if you recognize that your self-esteem is low, or even underground?

That is the point when little, concrete things -like apple sauce- comes into the picture!

For years I had planned to learn to make apple sauce. This autumn, when I was sitting at my friend’s home in a rocking chair, I finally decided to do it.

Sometimes in life, we just can’t get the feeling of success no matter how we try. Then, it’s better to concentrate on other, smaller and more achievable things.   

I “grabbed” apple sauce. 

So, this autumn I received all apples that were offered to me (and they were plenty in Finland this year!!) and started to test different ways to make good and simple apple sauce.

(In my next story I will publish the recipe.)

Finding the best recipe became my small autumn project.

A project that was small enough to put into practice but which served a big purpose. 

When I reach my goal I gave myself a pat on the shoulder and smiled. My apple sauce project was a small thing for the world, but a big thing for me. 

So, this is how apple sauce and self-esteem can also be linked to each other. 

“Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.” 

Remember too that there are no silly things. Sometimes a small thing is an important step for a bigger one. 

Besides my story “Let Self-knowledge Guide Your Life” I’ve written about self-esteem also here “The Importance of Succeeding”.

There are also plenty of great self-esteem articles and advices in the Internet. Start for example by reading this “8 Steps to Improve Your Self-esteem”.

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