Let Self-Knowledge To Guide Your Life


Six years ago I started to learn what kind of a person I am.

Now, years later, I can honestly say that the time I put in improving my self-knowledge has been one of the best investments of my life.

An investment for healthier and happier future.


One peaceful moment per day is crucial for me.


I always need some kind of physical activity to get me mentally relaxed.


My weak self-esteem is one of my biggest sources of stress and anxiety.


When I feel myself balanced my sweet tooth naturally disappears.


If I don’t eat enough berries my skin gets really dry and my digestion does not work well.


When I exercise in the morning the chances are that I feel physically and mentally well for the rest of the day.


I have to be alert that I don´t start to work too much and get exhausted.


One of my biggest weaknesses is my inner voice saying I’m not as good as others.


One of my biggest strengths, both at home and work, is my patience.


These are just some examples that have become clear to me over these past years while learning to know who I am.

And what those insights have given to me?


Self-knowledge has become my filter in this world of abundance. It helps me to see things that are meaningful and say no thanks to things I don’t need.

The better your self-knowledge is, the better you are in choosing what you should concentrate on.

Investing in self-knowledge is the key to health and happiness. It’s like writing a rough guide to living your life. A guide that will help you through small and big decisions of your life.


(Photos: Marianne)

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