Relaxing Imperfection


Couple of weeks ago we celebrated Unna’s birthday on the island. Just like we’ve done many times before.


You know what’s one of the main reasons why we like birthday parties in nature?

To see how our guests relax when they arrive to the island.





One thing I’m really concerned about in this world is our ability to relax.


And by relaxing I don’t mean just lying on the sofa but the ability to totally take it easy, mentally and physically. 

To relax your mind & body 100 % in a way that is best for you. It’s SO hard to do that!

I’ve tried to learn it many years  now and I’m still just a rookie.



But I’ve seen many relaxed faces during our island birthdays. I have felt relaxed too.

I’ve thought about the reasons behind it and concluded that one must be the imperfection.


Even children’s birthdays can turn into an arms race nowadays. Who has the fanciest parties?

In nature there’s just no point to try to do things in a too fancy or perfect way. It may rain or the wind just blows your decorations away. So it’s better to just take it easy and trust that things go well without trying too hard.

And often they magically do go like that.



This time the weather was not perfect. But we decided to have our party on the island anyway because they didn’t at least forecasted rain for that day.



Unna had wished for hot dogs and mint-chocolate birthday cake.


She got those with lots of guests and laid back time.


It didn’t rain during the whole day. Actually the weather was better and warmer than we all expected.


When Hecktic Travels visited us last winter I felt that the biggest compliment they gave to us was that they were able to relax while staying with us.

The quests at the birthday party said the same. It was so heartwarming.


Yes, some relaxing imperfection. I think that’s one thing what this world yearns for.


This day for a moment we were able to bring some of it into this world. It made us so happy.

And besides seeing our daughter’s happiness it made us also feel that the day was just a perfect day!


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