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Movies and cartoons – that is what our family does when we’re sick and we just need to lie in bed and rest. Like last autumn, when my husband had his appendix surgery and I needed to rest because of my pregnancy.

I like watching movies. That is one thing that I`ve missed during this winter – I haven`t have chance to watch any movie at peace from the beginning till the end.

A cartoon movie that is suitable for your toddler AND for you (so that you don`t get too bored while watching it) is not that easy to find. However this day I noticed that Tinker Bell is one of them. It wasn`t a surprise how much Unna liked Tinker Bell. But it was a surprise how much I enjoyed to watch that too!

So a good cartoon movie – that made my day this day!


I can recommend “Tinker Bell – Secret of the Wings” cartoon movie to all families who has toddlers


The other day we watched “Hope Springs”. That was my choice – and it was a REALLY good choice! Definitely worth to watch! Meryl Streep is so so good actress!


I was hoping that “Watch” would had been good because there was Vince Vaughn. But I was wrong. Humor is more for men but even my husband thought the movie was quite boring.

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