A child needs just some time together


World is full of information as I wrote yesterday in my post. Everyone has his own coping strategy to survive with it. My strategy is to simplify. I have started to simplify things and concentrate on finding the “key point” in every issue.

One thing is how to raise a balanced child who is equipped with healthy self-esteem and wisdom in this crazy world. In this matter my simplification is that the most important thing is to give time to your child; be present in his life, listen to him and be interested in him. That advice I`ve taken as my own child raising guideline.

Eeva island

This warm summer day was dedicated to Unna

Unna`s boat

Unna`s favourite beach toy 2012  is her Barbapapa boat


When a child is happy, also a mother is happy – and vice versa

Tea break

Afternoon tea and coffee break together is already a habit in our family


I have noticed that a child learns basic skills very fast when a parent has just time to teach them

Motor skills

Unna`s motoric skills and balance has developed really fast while playing in the nature


Unna recognizes already many plant species in the nature, like moss and lichen

Going high

Unna was excited to go on a high hill and see the lake view from there

Telling stories

Father’s and daughter`s relaxing afternoon break after forest expedition

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