Importance of unplanned freetime


First two weeks of our boat life we have lived in Puruvesi lake quite totally surrounded by the nature, far away from the civilization. First week we still had many things (however nice things) to do, like sowing the vegetable garden. But during the second week began our family`s actual holiday.

During the week we have spent lazy days, total freetime without any planned activities. Days which we dreamed about during the winter when the days were full of work and other everyday duties.


We are spending most of our freetime together as a family


Building huts out of branches is one of the favourite thing to do with Unna on the island


While playing with children you realize how creative they are and how good imagination they have


Reading was my favourite thing on the lake before having a child

Importance of unplanned freetime

Both me and my husband are very good in filling the calendar with work, hobbies, meetings withs our friends etc. You can say that we are people who “do”. I`ve been specialized in doing a lot of work. My husband instead has been good in gathering lot of hobbies for himself.

Since we met each other and had Unna we have started to think the time differently. We got tired that also our freetime  was as full and beforehand planned as working days. We realized that more and more we wanted to arrange days when we could decide in the morning what we will do during the day. We started to arrange unplanned freetime.

When we started to arrange unplanned freetime and days for ourselves, we also started to enjoy more the things we did. We realized the importance of unplanned freetime for our wellbeing. Doing things and spending time without pressure, along with our own rhythm. 

Bear Grylls

Henri has learned new knots during our holiday


Nature is full of different kinds of bugs to wonder and explore


I think simple but delicious food is the best


I`ve got many good ideas while doing dishes

Unplanned freetime feeds the creativity

I am living in a modern western world which appreciates efficiency. In a world where it is a virtue to be able to do things as fast as possible. I have started to hate that virtue. I have experienced how efficiency in everything can in the long run be harmful. Harmful for the functionality of my brains. Harmful for my wellbeing.

What comes to efficiency my opinion is that unplanned freetime increases efficiency. Unplanned freetime helps the brains to recover from the stress. Recover from the continuos information overload which is one of our modern world challenges. Unplanned freetime simply helps my brain to work in a better way.

Creative thoughts and ideas – those I`ve again started to get during our lazy days here in Puruvesi lake, in the middle of the lake nature. Creative thoughts need freedom to be born – freedom in your brains and free time on your calendar.


After a lunch it`s time for a trip to the forest


There`s never enough time for wondering the world


Unna likes to gather lingonberry leafs

Nature specialist

Henri is the our family`s nature specialist


I concentrate on enjoying the time in the nature

I wish you all nice summer holidays! May your holidays include as much unplanned freetime as possible!

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