Four Seasons, Four Beginnings


The first blueberries of summerthe first colorful leaves of autumn, the first snowflakes of winter and the first warm and bright evenings of spring.

The older I become, the more I enjoy of the four seasons that we have here in Finland. I feel that they give me a change to experience four new beginnings every year. It´s an amazing feeling! In a year I already forget how many beautiful details there actually are in every season. It´s such a privilege to experience all that every year!

The first boat trip of the spring. That´s what our family did on this beautiful spring evening. We went around the Olavinlinna castle and admired our beautiful home town Savonlinna from the lake. It took us only an hour but it gave me so much energy for the next workweek!



Calm weather and smooth sound of the boat´s motor made Liilia to fall asleep right after we left.



When you’re boating  around Savonlinna you´ll see nature on one side and the city on the other. I love that combination of natural and urban environment !



We do boat trips around Olavinlinna castle with our friends and guests too. The castle looks magnificent from the boat, plus it always feels great to be on the lake.



With a small boat or canoe you can get so close to the castle and see such beautiful details! I love that!



It´s so nice to show and teach our children their home town´s history.



We go to the castle with our own boat but there are many cruise ships too at the harbor next to the market place. They cruise around the town and castle almost every hour during the summertime.



Lake nature is definitely the best place for me to relax. It pampers my body and mind in so many different ways!



The best memories that me and my husband have are all somehow connected to our simple boat life close to nature. It´s a way of life that we want to continue as long as possible.



Boating season 2014 is opened! Yippee! Can´t wait to get on board again!

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