Dreams nourish the soul


“Dreams nourish the soul just as food nourishes the body.

The pleasure of the search and of adventure feed our dreams. “

Paulo Coelho


It was not long time ago when I was searching raw blueberries from the forest to see what kind of a blueberry season we would have this year


Happiness for me is to be able to pick up part of our food by myself from the forest


Unna calls all the berries as “vitamins” because I have taught her that all the berries are healthy and include lots of good vitamins


“What one learns while young, one masters when old”


When we are living in our boat the best dessert is to eat fresh berries straightly from the forest


Blueberries are superfood


It looks like that we are going to have also a good lingonberry season this year 🙂

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