The morning was stunning. I went to take a photo of a swan couple swimming by. They swam so beautifully together, following each other all the time. Like there would have been some invisible bond between them. Preventing them from drifting apart.

I´ve written many times how staying on the same side with your loved one is not easy. Many times during the last couple of years me and my husband have been million miles away from that swan couple. At the worst it has been uncertain whether we would even be a couple in the future.

We have worked hard for our relationship so that it would be better and more intimate in the future. I´ve worked with myself and life, my husband his and together we have worked for our marriage.

Hard times are hard times. Nothing changes that. But like all things in life also hard times have a silver lining. Hard times can make the bond between the couple stronger. The bond that keeps the couple together no matter what happens or what challenges they might face.

Bonding. It has started to happen in our life now that we’ve gone through hard times together. And some day we may be like that swan couple in that beautiful and crispy autumn morning. Giving each other right amount of space to swim separately but still swimming together to the same direction.


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