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What comes to marriage the best advice I´ve given during this year has been develop intimacy in your relationship. It’s so simple and good advice that it has deserved its place among my wellbeing ways!

What is intimacy and intimate relationship?

An intimate relationship is a relationship that involves physical and emotional intimacy. Genuine intimacy in human relationships requires dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity.

Intimacy is being able to say everything to your significant other. Even things that you know will upset him/her. Intimacy is about trust and confidence. It’s feeling secure of being who you are and not be rejected for your shortcomings and imperfections. It’s letting your loved one to be who he/she is. It’s also accepting your own imperfections as well as seeing your loved one being the same with you.

Intimate relationship is a base rock. It’s supporting, understanding, forgiving and loving, even when things are not that great. And especially when things aren’t that great. It’s easy to be when the times are good, but when times are hard on you, it really testes your intimacy.

Intimate relationship enables you to grow as an individuals as well as together.

This year developing intimacy has been our family’s task. Me and my husband have realized how important it is to keep up and  developed intimacy in our relationship during busy years with small children. By all means we’re not ready yet, as I’m sure that no one ever is. But remembering that we have tried and even had some success made me feel good and confident this day!


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