Dance Despite The Rain


How much more happiness there would be in this world if we were able to handle all kinds of life’s disappointments without letting them to depress us?

It's about time to go inside! #summerthunder #boatlife #naturally #saimaalife

Disappointments are many. This summer has been a disappointment for many Finns. Our summer has been exceptionally cold and rainy.


There are many Finns out there who can probably count the sunny days of their summer holiday with their one hand fingers. Holiday that may have been their only one this year.

I feel so bad for those people!


We’ve had many chilly and wet days in our boat home too.


Still I’m quite happy with this summer. Why?


Because some years ago I read that it’s just natural that we human see things negatively first. It’s built in us.

When we use to live in nature it was best for us that our subconscious was first and foremost sensitive to negative information. If our attention were in positive first, we would have been exposed to dangers much more often.

Noticing negative information has helped us to survive.


That thought made sense to me.

It has motivated me to consciously learn to see the positive first whenever life’s challenges and disappointments happen.



It’s fine that negative thoughts will just keep on popping up in my mind.

I don’t need to cling on to them and let them depress me. Instead, I can accept them and focus on the other side of the coin.



This summer we have worn extra warm clothes. We have relaxed indoors, drunk a lot of tea while listening to the rain, slept longer and spent extra days at the grandma’s.


We’ve taken joy out of things what we can do instead what we can’t.


That way we’ve been able to have lots of good summer memories also during this chilly summer.


Most of them just haven’t been dancing in the sun, but dancing in the rain.


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