Becoming Conscious Is The Beginning For Change


If you run out of time and energy, ask help. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.

A very simple advice isn’t it?


How many of you have said that to your friend?

Many I would guess.

How many of you remember that YOU have not followed that advice yourself?

My guess is many.

I’m in that group of people. I’m terribly bad at putting that advice into practice.


We preserve a lot of food for the winter, like berries, mushrooms and vegetables. It has meant a lot of work for the end of our summer. Our children have grown and so have the amount of food we need.

How can we find time to pick all the berries? I found myself thinking when the best blueberry season was about to begin.


I browsed my calendar, listed all the other work that needed to be done in August and tried to find days for picking blueberries. Without success.

Finally I had a thought; Why can’t we just buy them? They are not that expensive. 

Obvious thought for many but not for me.

It struck me like a lightning: I don’t need to pick all BY MYSELF! We just buy what we need.


Cultural norms and habits live deep in us and are so hard to change.

The beginning for change is to become conscious about our behavioral patterns. We need to recognize that we behave in certain way in certain situations. Only then we can get a grip of our behavior. And changing it becomes possible.

If we are not able to do this we just keep on repeating our behavioral patterns, even if they would be bad for us.


No one has ever told me to pick all the berries by myself. But for all my life I’ve seen people around me do it.

Over the years I learned to do the same. And even at times when my life situation hasn’t really been the best for it, I’ve tried to do it anyway.


Yes, I have picked some wild blueberries also this summer. Not for the winter but for eating them fresh.

And probably I’m doing the same next summer too.


Because at the moment I feel that it’s the best for our family. We can get all the berries we need and really enjoy them without stress!


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