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When I started my blog I set myself some goals. Goals about the developing my blog concept, goals about  my blog marketing, etc. I made a plan and I started to put it into practice. Just like I had done many times before in my life. Only ONE thing was different now. It was that first and foremost I blog in terms of the children and the wellbeing of our family. I thought following that rule would be easy for me. After all I had already realized that the children, my marriage and our family were on the top of my priority list.

This autumn I´ve gone through inner struggle about my blog and all the plans I’ve had about it. I´ve tried to think about the reason for that. What is the thing that bothers me most about my blog and prevents me feeling well about the direction I’m having? Huge sleep debt, yes. Lack of time to really concentrate on photographing and writing, yes. But what else?

This day it struck me. It is my original goals and plan! I realized that I had got stuck with them without realizing that they were totally unrealistic in the first place. I realized that unconsciously I felt bad because my blog is not like I had planned it to be this autumn. So the biggest reason behind all my struggling was my incapability to adapt to changes I’ve had in my family life and in my parenting. I hadn’t really took them into account while planning my goals. I had made my original plan at the time we had only one child believing that I could work for my blog as much with two children as well. And now that I haven´t been able to do that (of course…two children, double job you know…) I´ve felt bad about myself. I´ve felt that I´m a lousy blogger and just a big loser not meeting my standards.

So here´s what I want to say this day: Remember to acknowledge the situation you’re in with your parenting. Think about how many children you have, what age your children are, what kind of personalities they are and what is the general situation where your family is living in each season. Acknowledge the differences and demands that they set for you as a parent. And AFTER THAT set realistic goals for your own work or for your free time plans!

This day I watched these old photos. Some of you may remember that they are my blog´s first cover photos from the summer 2012. I watched them and realized that I’ve actually done quite a lot for my blog since that summer. CONSIDERING that at the same time I´ve been pregnant, had our second child, worked as a part-time teacher, studied, taking care of two small children and our home and gone through all kinds of extra challenges.

This day I felt good about my blog, genuinely 🙂 It has developed and developing. Little by little, step by step, in the terms of the children and the wellbeing of our family.





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