Save your energy during the happy periods of life and use it to overcome the challenging ones


Sometimes in life things don`t go as you’ve planned. It is also common that hardships follow each other; when one appears, another one follows. Luckily, it often goes the other way too. Also good things follow each other. 


It´s a frustrating feeling when your loved one is in pain and you can`t do anything to help him


Luckily Henri`s surgery went well and he has already almost recovered from it

Life is fragile – Don`t take it for granted

Last month didn`t go as we had plant. The month was simply challenging in our family`s life.

First I started to got too many contractions and we were afraid that the baby would be born as a 500 g preemie. Then Henri`s stomach got really sore. The same day he was diagnosed appendix inflammation and he was operated. After a couple of days he was home but we both were not able to lift anything for weeks. Then the doctor estimated that the development of our baby’s head was 10 days late. Then sewage pipe repair started at our home and we were not able to use any water. At the same time Henri started as half-healthy in his new job and I needed to start to do my last work before my maternity leave.

August is over. My challenging pregnancy is continuing but things are already closer to normal. Baby is still in my stomach, the development of his/her head was diagnosed later on as genetic, the reason for Henri`s pains was only appendix and we are able to use water at home again. The challenges that we experienced were after all more like reminders for us about the life.

The challenging month reminded us how important it is to enjoy life -even the boring everyday life – when everything is fine and in balance. It also reminded us how fragile life is and how suddenly everything can change.


Timing of the sewage pipe repair was challenging for our family


My capability to stay calm and not to worry about small, everyday hardships developed definitely during the last month

Take care of your wellbeing to overcome the challenging periods of life

Last month my main job was to stay as calm as possible because of the baby. I wasn’t supposed to worry or stress too much about anything. Every once in a while I found it very difficult. There were many nights when I was thinking about the baby and was not able to sleep. During the daytime I was tired and really needed to get a grip of myself to be able to do everything I needed to do. I cancelled many things and did only the necessary. Two things helped me to overcome this challenging month:

Already for a couple of years I had learned not to worry about small, everyday problems. Instead of stressing out I have concentrated on seeing the positive sides in them.  In that way I had been able to save energy to overcome the truly challenging days and times in life.   

Occasionally life has reminded me to take care of my wellbeing and I have learned to do so. I’ve noticed that the better I`m feeling physically and mentally, the better capability I have to overcome the true hardships  and sorrows in life.

There is a big truth behind Bob Marley`s song:

“Listen to what I say
in your life expect some trouble
when you worry you make it double
dont worry be happy
be happy now.”


Children have an incredible capability to adapt changing circumstances – I`ve always known that but Unna showed that again for us in August

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