Do you have a bad hair day? A hat helps


Hat is my favorite accessory. Shoes also, but not so much as hats. There is a very practical reason why I use a hat often; it is because I`m not good to make my hair. Hat is a good way to hide your bad (or lazy) hair day. Especially all you home moms, remember that!

I have a lot of different kinds of hats, and every year I buy a couple of new ones. This summer I actually bought three. I had promised for myself to buy just one but because of the pregnancy my wardrobe is limited and I can`t use high heels as much as I would like to – Hats I can, so that was my excuse!

My new orange hat you have already seen in many of my pictures. Another new one is green. I saw it on the marketplace and could`t resist it. The style of the hat comes from the 1920`s. I had never before seen that kind of a hat model but when I tried it on I thought “wow!”. The hat was not only beautiful and fit perfectly – it was also a perfect hat to have in Finland because it covered my ears. It would be warm enough also during the wintertime. This green one is more casual and everyday hat. The other grey one, which I bought is fancier. You will see it later.

I notice that the older I get the less I find something that I like so much that I’d actually buy it. On the one hand, I`ve learned what fits for me and what doesn’t. I only buy what fits and feels like “me”.

On the other hand, I´ve realized that the more seldom I buy something, the more I`m able to appreciate the things I`ve bought. More and more often I also buy only things that I really need. But this hat was not in that category. It was the category “I know I have already enough hats but not this kind of and this feels so me, so I really really want and need to have this!” – Beautiful accessory that made me feel beautiful. A true find! (that you just can`t pass, or what?).

If I ever find an online shop where you could buy these kind of hats, I`ll show it for you!









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