Mother and daughter evening


Yesterday I was giving most of my time and thoughts for the baby. Today it would be Unna`s turn. It was still raining and Henri wanted to go fishing. I was thinking what to do with Unna.

We had just arrived close to our home town with our boat. I decided to call my big sister who is also living in Savonlinna. I thought me and Unna had deserved some pampering after a hard work with strawberries and in the vegetable garden.


We had all the pancake ingredients in our boat so we decided to do pancakes at my big sister`s place


We made the pancake dough already in the boat. Unna was my eager little kitchen helper as usual.


It`s really nice that my big sister is living close so that we can visit and help each other


After pancakes it was a time for a rest and relaxation. Unna played with her cousin’s toys and I had a possibility to read a while.


Possibility to take a warm shower is luxury when you are living in a boat


Yellow nail polish belongs to mine and Unna`s summer 2012


Like mother, like daughter

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