Being a tourist in our own home town


Morning was sunny and after spending a couple of weeks elsewhere it was nice to spend some time in our home town. I noticed already last summer that when you are living in a boat you are actually looking your home town from a different perspective as usual. I liked that feeling – the town is familiar but you can feel yourself like a tourist. We decided to be tourists in our home town for a couple of days.


Savonlinna city is built on islands so you can go around the city with a boat. We did it of course with our own one. The most wonderful attraction on the way is the medieval Olavinlinna castle.


There are also cruise ships to take tourists around the city. I definitely recommend a cruise if you are visiting Savonlinna!


I bought a new summer hat during our city day and I was so so happy about that


We took our friends on our boat too to see the city from the lake


During the day in Savonlinna we saw also many other friends


During the summer there is a lot of boat and car traffic in Savonlinna


At the harbours around the city you can see different kind of boats, small and big ones


Steamships are also an essential part of my home town


Unna was happy to get a friend on the boat


We wanted to have Chinese food so we chose to eat at Zhong Guo Long


Lunch buffet was delicious as usual


Zhong Guo Long restaurant is small but cozy


I`ve started to drink more tea. Unna likes tea also. She drinks rooibos tea because there is no caffeine.


The dessert we bought from the market place

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