Take The Best Out Of Your Current Life Situation


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 324th Way

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single or married, a student or a worker or have children or not. You’ll always have some positive sides in your life as well as negative ones.

As you know, I am a mother of small children. Negative sides of my life are a constant sleep debt and minimal amount of time for exercising and for my marriage. Positive sides are a possibility to go outside during the daytime (a big thing in the North during the dark wintertime!!) and a chance to take a nap with children every now and then. And a possibility to meet my mother friends during the day.

After I had visited my mother friend Mirva in Helsinki she and her daughter came to visit us in Savonlinna. Because we both are at home with our children, we had a possibility to spend three weekdays together. That’s so great! Taking the best out of being a housewife made me (and Mirva) to smile this day!


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