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“Among all clumsy, and extreme ways to go about building happiness, one of the most sterile is egocentrism. “When selfish happiness is the only goal in life, life soon becomes goalless”, wrote Roman Rolland. Even if we display every outward sign of happiness, we can never be truly happy if we dissociate ourselves from the happiness of others. This is no way requires us to neglect our own happiness. Our own desire for happiness is as legitimate as anyone´s else. And in order to love others, we must learn to love ourselves. It´s not about swooning over the color of our own eyes, our figure, or some personality trait, but about giving due recognition to the desire to live each moment of existence as a moment of meaning and fulfillment. To love oneself is to love life.

It is essential to understand that we make ourselves happy in making others happy.

In brief, the goal of life is a deep state of well-being and wisdom at all moments, accompanied by love for every being. True happiness arises from the essential goodness that wholeheartedly desires everyone to find meaning in their lives. It is a love that is always available, without, showiness or self-interest. The immutable simplicity of good heart.”

-Matthieu Ricard, Happiness-

After I acknowledged my ego  I have thought a lot about my blog and what’s my motive for writing it. There was even a period when my blog irritated me a lot. Me, me, me. I had already concluded that my motive was unselfish but I questioned that because I had realized that there is often selfishness involved in many unselfish acts. And I didn´t want my blog to be based on that.

This day I remembered the text above. I read that again and smiled. I realized that my motive to write my blog is right. I really don’t write about myself and things that matters the most for me because I want to tell about me, me and me. I do so because I sincerely hope that it could help someone to feel better. I do want to promote my own wellbeing and happiness too, but in a way that benefits as many people as possible.

If we do stuff just for yourself and be selfish that doesn’t lead far. Eventually we won’t become happy just promoting our own happiness. We are so interconnected with others that their wellbeing is also deeply connected to ours. We have to consider others.

If we do things that promote the happiness of as many people as possible we’re on a right track to develop a deep state of wellbeing.

Then there’s a big chance that eventually your good deed circles around and ends up benefiting you too. And if our motives are righteous, we are sincere and we try our best, we don’t fall so hard if we fail either. At least we can say we did our best.


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