Close Your Eyes From Messiness At Home


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 17th Way

I wish I could say that our home looks only very seldom like this. Unfortunately I can`t. Our home looks like this pretty much every morning. Like this morning when my husband had left for work and I woke up with the girls.

With one child I had a silent rule for myself; I tried to clean our home by noon. I wanted to do that because otherwise the messiness started to annoy me too much. I managed to follow my rule quite well.

Now I can´t say the same. Not with a baby and a toddler. Not after I started blogging. And definitely not after I started a habit to be outside with girls every day!

I`ve noticed that skill to close your eyes from certain things is very important for a mother of small children! A skill to close your eyes for things that you just don´t have time even if you would like to have.

Today I closed my eyes from messiness at our home and sis something more important. I let home be messy and after breakfast we went outside with the girls 🙂






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