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Paper. It’s everywhere. There is few places in our house where I can’t find paper  from. It infests our house. I keep throwing it away, but it keeps coming back. Paper must multiply by itself by some miraculous way. So this day I continued my “Simplification of Life” project and get rid of all unnecessary papers once and for all.

I rummaged through all of our closets and drawers, searched the darkest corners and threw it all away. And I mean all of it. I was amazed what I found. Papers from my university years, vague notes, shopping lists, ugly drawings, receipts, bills and writings with no meaning at all. I was dazzled. How come I hadn’t got rid of these before? Well, I had tried but obviously my human habits prevented me from throwing everything away. I must have thought that I would some day need those papers. Well, I didn’t.

I felt so much lighter after the job was done! Now I’m really hoping that my husband does the same to his papers… 🙂

(I saved one thing because I thought our girls may like to see it someday. It was my Master´s thesis about return migration.)


This much notes I´ve written during my university years


Geography was my major at the university


I´ve also studied for example environmental philosophy, environmental politics, environmental economy and environmental laws…


… and tourism.


My Master´s thesis was a qualitative research about 40 year old people who had moved or wanted to move back to their home region


The biggest lesson that university gave me was that it taught me to think

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