Clean Up The Messiest Place At Your Home


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 275th Way

This is our wardrobe. Or warehouse. It’s been both during last two years. We’ve used it to store our stuff when we’ve rented our apartment during the summer and somehow that stuff just hasn’t really left there. Not because we wouldn’t have space to put our stuff in, but because we’ve been so lazy. And what makes it even more weird, we use that room basically all the time because all of our clothes are in there. So we’ve been kicking away shoes, guitar cases, cardboard boxes, lamps, floorball sticks and all the things imaginable.  Just to get our clothes every morning. Why on earth someone would behave like that? I have no idea, but we have.

So it was the messiest place of our house. Messiest before I decided to do something about it. Finally. It’s not super tidy now but it’s much better. Much better! Cleaning up our wardrobe / warehouse contributed to my wellbeing a lot this day!


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