Lie Down And Lift Your Legs Up


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 9th Way

On my post “Top 6 pregnancy things” I told you that during my pregnancy I often lifted my legs up to prevent them swelling. When I was a student I worked as waitress. During 8 hour shift I seldom had time to sit. After work the thing that I did was that I lay down and lifted my legs up for a while. It felt so good!

Afterwards I have noticed that it is not only standing what makes the legs tired. Also general tiredness does that. Because of our small children I haven’t had  enough sleep. Because of that sleep debt I often feel that my legs are tired and they hurt already in the morning. And I don’t have the time to lift my legs up.

But today I did! When Liilia was sleeping and my husband was outside with Unna I lay down on the couch, lift my legs up and rested a while. My very own fifteen minutes of luxurious relaxation!








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