Get Rid Of Clothes That You Haven’t Used For 5 Years


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 10th Way

When I was on my first maternity leave I realized how much unrequited clothes I have at home.  And many things that I never or at least rarely use. So I started to get rid of them. As my wardrobe got smaller I started to feel better . I felt lighter! Some of the clothes i gave to my sisters and some of them for charity.

Today I was putting away my pregnancy clothes and looking for my normal size clothes. As I´ve told you my style has changed after having children. I noticed that I still have some clothes in my wardrobe that I haven`t used for over 5 years. Couple of them I saved for my daughters (so that they can laugh at their mom after 20 years…). The rest of them I put our “to the flea market” box. And again my mind felt a little bit lighter!





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