Everchanging wardrobe


Women and their wardrobes. It`s an issue that gets men frustrated – maybe because they have heard their wives and girlfriends saying too many times in front of the full closet; “I have nothing to wear”. I admit – I have also said that sentence many times during the last few years.

It`s interesting to see what my wardrobe will look like in five years. After having my firstborn two years ago I realized that my style had changed and I felt that most of the clothes in my wardrobe just didn`t fit me anymore. However, at that time I had no time or interest to start to find my new style. Now I`m pregnant again and I feel that there is no point to buy new clothes only for 9 months. Besides I bought some pregnancy clothes when I was expecting Unna so I`ve used them. Otherwise during this pregnancy my rule with clothes has been “the looser, the better”.

I`ve promised to myself  to start to think about and to find my new style after I`ve lost my new pregnancy kilos. We`ll see what it comes to look like after a year or two…


This orange hat and maxi dress was my favourite outfit during the summer 2012



I use colorful clothes more and more because I`ve noticed that colours have an effect on me and my mood



Usually my colorfulness is limited to three colors per one outfit. This dress was an exception and maybe in the future there comes more.



I “found” orange colour last year.



“The looser, the better” is a good rule with clothes when you`re pregnant



This was my first maxi dress ever but is not going to be the last one


Inner beauty is more important but you are even more beautiful when your clothes feel like you and they feel comfortable on you

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