Top 6 pregnancy things


I`ve been pregnant twice. My pregnancies have been quite different but they have also included similarities. These similarities are the following Top 6 pregnancy things. These things has been important for me in my pregnancies.


  1. Legs up: When you are pregnant your feet get tired easily and after that they start to swell. Pregnancy also increases the possibility to get varicose veins. Legs up posture is a good way to prevent these pregnancy symptoms.
  2. Hats: They say that woman “glows” when she is pregnant. It may be true but I have had many days (actually weeks) especially during my second pregnancy that I haven`t felt myself “glowing”. Hats have been my rescue during those days when I`ve been tired and nauseated and haven`t had energy to make up or do anything with my hair.
  3. Pillows: It`s challenging to sleep well with your big baby bump. In the end of my pregnancies the only way to get a good night sleep has been four pillows; one pillow under my head, second pillow under my back, third pillow under my belly and  fourth pillow between my legs. Sounds silly but it works!
  4. Stretch mark massage oil: Your belly skin needs to stretch a lot during a pregnancy. That`s why many women get stretch marks to their stomach. Stretch marks fade away after pregnancy but they don`t disappear totally. Spreading oil to your baby bump daily helps to prevent stretch marks. I`ve used Weleda stretch mark massage oil.
  5. Pregnancy leggings: Nowadays there are a lot of beautiful pregnancy clothes. My favorite company has been Boob. However my both babies have been really low in my womb already from the beginning. That`s why I haven`t been able to use pregnancy trousers or any other clothes that would put pressure on the bottom of my belly. That`s why pregnancy leggins have been my favorite trousers during my pregnancies.
  6. Water: I’ve been incredibly thirsty in the beginning of my both pregnancies. Thirstyness has decreased after a while. However i’ve been thirstier than normally during my pregnancies. Drinking in general is important. When your body takes care of two bodies, it`s even more important to drink enough. If you don`t want to get extra weight because of heavy drinking of juice or soda, water is the best option. Drinking water prevents also swelling.
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