Fresh air freshens your mind


I`m born in August so maybe that`s why I like autumn so much. I think sunny and clear autumn days are one of the best days in year to be outside and in nature.

This autumn has been quite cloudy and rainy here in Finland. However, the weekend when me and Unna were at grandma`s place for helping to harvest potatoes was like my dream autumn weekend (Actually it was only Unna who helped the grandparents. I wanted to help also but I couldn`t because of my pregnancy).


Your mind and body need fresh air to be well

As you already know because of my challenging pregnancy I`ve needed to rest a lot during this autumn. That`s why I`ve also been a lot inside. To this kind of an active outdoor person like me, being inside has been difficult from time to time. I`ve realized how much it means to me to get fresh air daily:

  • I`m more relaxed; Often people go outside when they are nervous or in some way irritated. However when they come back their nervousness is gone. It`s not a miracle because fresh air helps to soothe nerves and relax.
  • I`m in a better mood and more positive; Fresh air freshens your mind. With a fresh mind it`s easier to be in a good mood and have positive thoughts.
  • I`ve better appetite; Food tastes better after having natural appetite from being outside. In nature food tastes even better!
  • I sleep better; Your sleep is at its best when you have spend the day outside in a fresh air.
  • My metabolism works better; Have a small walk outside after a heavy dinner and you do your metabolism (and yourself) a favor! 
  • My headache is gone; The reason for many headaches is that people breathe too shallow or the air they breathe is not fresh enough. Going outside and breathing deeply often helps.   
  • I`m sick less often; Being outside and having fresh air strengthen people`s immune system.

All the effects of fresh air are positive so my simple advice is today: Go outside and have some fresh air!

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