Don’t Hold Back Your Smile!


Unna was learning to take photos with my iPhone the other day. This is one of the photos she took.

When I saw the photo I thought oh, it’s so good! Yes, I liked the layout and cropping. But there was something else too. It was my smile.

“Show me your teeth”, I remember the photographer saying at the annual school photographing session when I was still a child. “You look more beautiful if you show your teeth”, he said.

“Yeah, right!”, I remember thinking, feeling very irritated. Then I gave him a small smile without any teeth showing.

When I looked Unna´s photo I realized what the photographer meant. He was actually right. I should show my teeth more often in photos. And at other times too when smiling.

Don´t hold back your smile if you’re feeling happy! Smile with all your heart! You don´t only look more beautiful in the photos, but you also feel better! Smiling relieves stress. The bigger your smile is, the more positive effect it has on your wellbeing 😉 


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