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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 178th Way

Some time ago I told you about my new project: Looking for a style for a 30+ working mother who wants to feel good about herself and be beautifully green.  I´ve already found first pieces of clothing for that style.

One of the the favorite ones has been Globe Hope´s Närhi jacket (c/o). I just love  it! The jacket is beautiful and goes with jeans or a skirt. It´s also really comfortable and I just love the colors of it. I´m going to wear this jacket a lot at work and on my free time!

Lately I´ve looked like a mess more or less every day. But there are reasons for that.  When you have looked like that long enough you´ll get tired of it. You’re starting to feel the need to dress up.

This day Unna went to sleep over at grandma’s. Me and my husband decided that NOW we´ll dress up and go out for a dinner. I wore my new jacket and my husband put on a nice shirt. We had dinner at Majakka restaurant and were so proud of Liilia who let her parents to have a good time without any interruptions 🙂







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