Three steps to start your day fresh


You know the feeling? The alarm goes off for the second time and you finally force yourself up. With eyes half closed you sway in to the kitchen and realize your head being full off thoughts what should or shouldn’t you be doing today.

You’re stressing out and the day hasn’t even started yet. That feeling is incredibly depressing.


I know that feeling more than well.

A year ago I started to fight against it. I started to woke up 6 am and went for a walk alone to have a good start for the day.

The beginning was hard. Very hard. It felt like I was trying to beat the unbeatable. But I made some progress slowly. Now I can already say that I have a new habit of getting up early.


Is it easy for me to get up 6 am now after practicing it for a year? No.

Im getting stronger but those few minutes after waking up are still difficult. I often feel like giving up. Just closing my eyes and wrapping myself in warm my duvet for as long as I really have to wake up often feels like the best thing to do.


Take this week for example.

After the children went to bed on Sunday evening I found myself watching Modern Family and browsing online shops to find myself the perfect morning gown. Mistake.

It was NOT a pleasant feeling when the alarm went off the next morning and woke me up 6 am!


On Tuesday my work stress really got under my skin before I even got out of bed.

Wednesday was good! I woke up on my own before the alarm as fresh as a daisy. Heaven!

Thursday was different again. I pulled myself together for at least 15 minutes before I was able to drag myself up from the bed.

Friday morning all I could think of was my tired feet (yes, they felt tired even after a good night sleep).


The positive surprise on Saturday was that I actually woke up 6.30. That was 30 minutes before the alarm. On the other hand the stiffness I felt throughout my body was not so great.

And Sunday… Well Sunday was pure luxury! Morning coffee in the sunshine, no alarms and no schedule whatsoever.


Getting a grip on the first moments of your day. That’s the most important thing we should do.

When you get the grip on the first moments of your morning, it’s YOU who is in charge of your day.  Not those depressing thoughts or the aches in your body.

You get a feeling “I made it!” And you win your old self. That feeling stays with your throughout the day and helps you to stay in the good mood whatever the day brings.


So if you want to start your day fresh, follow these 3 steps:

1. Just Get Up!: When the alarm goes off, try not to think of anything. Do not give the power to those negative thoughts. Just get up no matter how it feels like. You don’t have to like, you just have to do it.

2. Wake Up Your Body: When you’re out of the bedroom, do not walk straight to the coffee machine. Stretch a bit. Move your body in some way or another before you sit down for the first time. You do know that stretching improves digestion too?

3. Breathe In Fresh Air: Go out on a balcony or open the window. Or take a short walk outside. Just have some fresh air. Let it take away your sleepiness and start your day fresh.

If you still hesitating, here’s another proof for you.


You know what motivates me to take these 3 steps almost every morning?

After doing them I enjoy my breakfast more. I feel myself relaxed. My morning coffee tastes better. The whole day seems to be a bit brighter and energetic!

I recommend you to try too!

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