Am I on a right path?


Life is messy. We all have dreams and goals but in the middle of everyday life it’s not easy to make them come true. Or the way to get there would be so rocky that it’s easier to just give up trying.


Our boat life is now over and soon we’ll have new tenants in our town home. At the moment we’re in the middle of a moving mess at the cottage we’ve rented for ourselves.


After the first day in the countryside I went outside alone for a while. The evening was beautiful. It was so beautiful that I needed to almost pinch myself to believe that it was actually real and not just a dream.


“Things just seem to fall into places in your family life. You are so lucky!”. We’ve had that comment more than once.

It has made us smile. Yes, I can believe that if you look at our life from outside, it may seem that it’s only rainbows and butterflies.

But in reality, we have made quite many difficult choices.


We have purposely chosen financially uncertain and more laborious life instead of steady and easy. And that’s just one example.

Oh, if you’d only knew how many kilograms of sweets I’ve been eaten over the past few years because of stressing out our money issues!


We all know that with right choices and a little bit of luck we can make our dreams come true.

But how do you know what is the right choice? Where do you get the confidence to make the difficult decisions?

The wisest thing may not be quitting your job just because of one spontaneous idea you’ve got.



That helps us to find the answer to big questions.


In the middle of full everyday life there’s often little room for silence.

When all your senses are occupied with sounds, moves and smells coming from outside, there’s no room in our mind to pay attention to thoughts and feelings coming from inside of us. We are constantly distracted and those distractions often lead us to wrong choices.

So we need silence to be able to get connected to ourselves better. To hear what we think and what we feel is the best for ourselves.


A daily dose of peace and silence alone.

That’s what me and Henri have tried to arrange for each other.

It’s a good way for both of us to make better choices in the middle of our messy life.


Moments alone in silence have helped us to find the answers and peace with our biggest and most difficult choices.

They’ve helped us to see that despite the challenges and stress we may feel, this kind of a life is the right choice for us. It’s our kind of life.


The sun set and I went back inside. I thought about times when silence had made me feel bad and anxious. Now I’ve ended up living in a place that is full of it. And I love it!

The silence around me keeps me on a right path.

The path that is still often rocky but that has more right choices in it than my old one.

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