Let Nature Be Your Marriage Counselor


How to keep your marriage happy and alive? That´s the question that many married couples wonder. So do I and my husband too.

By being together in nature. That is a good way! Here are some reasons why…



Nature gives you space

Too long time in a too little space together is no good for any couple. A sure way to drift into an argument with your spouse is to spend evening after evening indoors. That’s the way your significant other’s  face just starts to annoy in the long run.

Happy marriage needs some space and being in nature gives you that.  It´s amazing how differently you can see your spouse when you´re surrounded with the beauty of nature and you both have more space around you!


Nature gives you a possibility to concentrate on each other

It´s hard to concentrate on talking with your loved one if the children are playing next to you or interrupting you all the time. Or if one of you is checking out TV or Ipad all the time. Or when whatever catches your attention constantly.

By going to nature with your spouse you can leave all this behind easier. Nature´s peace and silence offer you a possibility to better concentrate on only each other. If you want to find an opportunity to talk with your loved one in peace, go to nature together!



Nature helps you to relax

Stress and hurry are the companions of pretty much every mother and father. Combining work and family life is hard for all of us. When you´re stressed and busy, it´s hard to be present to your spouse and understanding towards him/her.

Being in nature helps you to relax. Nature´s silence and activities relax your mind and body. And when you´re more relaxed, you´re also more relaxed towards your loved one!


Find your ways to be together in nature

This time it was going for ice-fishing together for me and my husband. The whole day just being together on the beautiful frozen lake did so good for both of us – individually and together.

What could it be for you and your spouse? Going for a walk together? Running together? Having a picnic? Going skiing? Boating? Canoeing? Or just sitting in the park or by the sea?

Think, talk and most importantly GO & TRY together with open minds! You may surprise what being in nature just between the two of you may bring into your marriage 😉



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